We are Now selling our Duck Call inserts and Goose call inserts so you can make your own Duck calls and Goose calls just click below!

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               Build Your Own Duck Call              

Welcome to the new build your own duck call page. Choose a barrel and a pretuned polycarbonate insert in the colors of your choice or more than one insert to mix things up or replace one you may have lost, you are welcome to order as many inserts as you like

Just Click the barrel then click the insert you want when the order box pops up you can change the number of inserts you want if you are ordering more than one of that color, for each color change click that insert color, Thanks and Good hunting!!









Click the type Barrel you want to Order!

The barrels are $45.00 They are custom made and lazer engraved with the Kwack Wacker logo each band is drilled and pinned onto the barrel in three places to insure its stablity and each one is finished with the finest 2 part finish  in the industry!










Click the Color Insert you want to Order!

Alot of people are wanting to make there own calls these days. This is a way to get around the really hard part of making a duck call.  For $6.25 you cant lose. You can turn your own barrel, buy an insert, and have your very own custom call!

Check out the Goose Inserts as well as the Goose guts, Thanks and Good Hunting!